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Maintaining Strata schemes to a very high standard - efficiently and cost effectively.

Yaran Strata Management provides comprehensive Strata management services to owners and residents of shared properties and common areas within a Strata scheme or community title development.

With 10 years of company experience in Strata management, Yaran Strata Management is committed to making Strata living easy and stress-free for its clients by providing personalized solutions and genuine care.

Services Provided

Yaran Strata has five key responsibilities:

  1. Management for Common Property Areas: We obtain quotes, negotiate rates, and arrange specialised repairs or maintenance work with contractors on behalf of the Owners.
  2. Financial Management: We establish and maintain Strata trust accounts, pay invoices, keep accounting records, prepare budgets, and ensure financial compliance.
  3. Insurance: We obtain policy quotes, assess them with brokers, maintain policies, and handle insurance claims on behalf of the Owners.
  4. Records and Correspondence: We maintain the Strata roll, handle records and documents according to regulations, manage routine and council correspondence, inquiries, complaints, and requests.
  5. Organise and Host Inaugural General Meetings (IGM), Annual General Meetings (AGM), and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM): This includes issuing notice of meetings and venue details, conducting the meetings, and distribution of minutes.

Current Sites Under Yaran Strata Management:

Kishorn Apartments, Applecross

21 apartments

Lakeview Apartments, Rockingham

7 Individual strata schemes totaling 181 apartments

Parkside Estate, Coolbellup

32 townhouses

Eliza Park, Hamilton Hill

21 townhouses

Oceana Estate, Lake Coogee

11 villas

Southwell Crescent, Hamilton Hill

5 townhouses

Upcoming Strata Sites

  • Macrae Apartments, Applecross (30 apartments)
  • Shoreline Apartments, North Coogee (20 apartments)
  • Como Apartments, Como (21 apartments)
  • South Lake Gardens, South Lake (67 villas)
  • A further 40 strata schemes in the pipeline

Not Your Typical Strata Company

About Yaran Strata Management

Dedicated Property Experts.

Why Yaran Strata Management :

Experience peace of mind with Yaran Strata Management. With our specialist team, personalised service, and genuine care, we ensure your strata living is hassle-free. From attention to detail to transparent communication, we are committed to delivering exceptional Strata management services. Choose Yaran for a trusted and reliable partner.

Genuine care

Our team provides personalised service with a heartfelt approach, ensuring that your needs are met and you feel valued.


We maintain a high level of professionalism in all aspects of our work, delivering reliable and quality service that you can rely on.


With extensive industry knowledge and years of experience, we have the expertise to handle various Strata management challenges.


We take the initiative to anticipate your needs and address them promptly, ensuring a proactive approach to Strata management.


We believe in clear and open communication to foster understanding and trust with our clients.

Fully Insured

Your peace of mind is our priority, which is why we are fully insured, providing comprehensive coverage for any unforeseen circumstances.


Meet our dedicated team of strata management professionals who are passionate about providing exceptional service. With a wealth of industry knowledge, experience, and a client-centered approach, we are committed to meeting your strata management needs. Get to know the faces behind Yaran Strata Management and discover the expertise that drives our success.

Kahenna Canina - Strata Manager

0424 250 705

Shenn Fernandez - Assistant Strata Manager

08 9466 8888


"Yaran Strata Management has done a great job on my investment property. All problems arising was solved without delay and inconveniences  to our tenant."

Siaw L M

"The Yaran Strata Managers take care of both my properties and I've been really pleased with the way they conducted all meetings and works.

It's always been a pleasure dealing with them on every matter."

Jordan M

"We have been using Yaran Strata Management Group as our Strata Management Group as our strata management company for many years and have found that their services have been professional, reliable and amazing. We have no doubt to recommend their services to others."

Joan L

"Yaran are a professional and friendly company who always put their clientele first. I've been working with Yaran for over 5 years now and they continue excel in their ability  to coordinate and communicate effectively with all stakeholders involved. They come highly recommended from me."

Michael B


If you need assistance or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.